Winter Camp


The Winter Camp, a very popular activity amongst Red Cross youths and volunteers was held on the 7th to 10th of March, 2013 in Haraldvollen. We had youth delegates from Colombia and Nepal and a representative from the National Youth Council. It was well planned and organized; the former District Youth Leader wanted to leave with a bang and everything was in order for that to happen.
We engaged in a whole range of exciting activities such as courses, team building activities and visiting the zoo. At the Polar zoo, we saw wolves, fox, gaupe, randy etc. Unfortunately we could not see the bears because they were hibernating but that did not take anything away from our fun!

Courses for volunteers included conflict management, first aid both in Norwegian and English, leadership workshop and a presentation from Willy about HIV/AIDS. These were insightful courses to all as some volunteers learnt new things whiles others had the opportunity to revise their ideas.
Everyone savoured the much awaited moment of The Annual Youth Conference and election of the new District Board. Darya Kudari and Siren Borge emerged the District Leader and vice respectively. We had Eirin Karlsrad Flå and Sverre Winje as Members and Evalds Gancevskis as Deputy Member. We say CONGRATULATIONS to our new District Board!


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  1. this is really fantastic

  2. So cul eh

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